We Had Our Loan Commitment With The Most Competitive Interest Rate And The Fastest Turn Around Time

We had been looking for a reasonable Residential Construction loan for over 6 months. Our Loan To Value (LTV) ratio was good (approx. 65%), but credit history was not so good. We shopped our loan request with several private lenders throughout the Great NW (including WA, OR, ID) and California to no avail. Everyone was interested in gathering endless amounts of information or had to go find investors after the fact and/or changed the initial terms and fees, or dragged their feet. I was introduced to Sanford Lindstrom of Mortgage Equities, Inc and provided the customary documentation. He quickly arranged a meeting at the site and within two days we had our loan commitment with the most competitive interest rate and loan fee. Throughout the construction process Sanford was extremely responsive to our Draw Requests by visiting the job site within a day or two of our notices and providing funds within 5-7 business days. The entire process could not have gone any smoother. I would highly recommend Mortgage Equities Inc. and personally look forward to working with them again. Saeed Kaley (Investor / Microsoft Employee)

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